On March 22, 1599, Anthony Van Dyck (1599, Antwerp – 1641, London) was born, a Baroque Flemish painter, a portrait master who lived a short but bright life. The luscious picturesque manner of the teacher Rubens had a strong influence on the artist’s work, gaining a more elegant and refined form in his canvases. “A man by nature, reeking, extravagant and ambitious, Van Dyck gravitated toward luxury, to the royal courts, to the life of aristocrats.” Van Dyck was a handsome man, but his character lacked the strength of spirit and steadfastness. According to the legends, he was prone to debauchery and extravagance. Whatever the shortcomings of his character, he certainly was never idle. He was melancholic and died “of disappointment” at the age of 42.